Summit Investigations is a premier provider of private investigation services ranging from background checks, location of missing persons through to workplace fraud investigations. Our personnel are former law enforcement officers with a depth of experience and integrity to undertake what often can be sensitive, complex but rewarding investigations.

You the client come first every time. We aim to give practical and unbiased advice as to how best we can assist you with your personal or corporate issues. If we feel that you could benefit more by consulting another professional such as an accountant or lawyer, then we will have no hesitation in saying so. That is our professional ethic at work – in our experience, giving frank and forthright advice benefits our clients and us too, as we often get onward referrals from our clients with other matters.

So, whatever your current issue that you think requires a private investigator, feel free to contact us now knowing that it will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. Whether you are an individual with a fidelity issue or a company manager with an internal fraud matter; contact us now for your peace of mind.

Visit our various services by clicking on to the Menu bar at the top of the page so that you can learn of the many differing ways that the private investigation industry can help you.

Whether you need proof beyond doubt for civil court matters or else just need to have the facts established for your satisfaction, our professional and skilled Government Licensed Investigators are capable of meeting your needs. We are experienced in deftly scoping out the work that will be required to achieve your desired results so that we can provide you with an economic package.  

We will not be beaten on quality of service and presentation of evidence and we will communicate with you to ensure the best possible chance of gaining the evidence you want. Please don’t be nervous about contacting us, we are here to serve and assist you and help you through your investigation requirements.

We appreciate that you may be reluctant at the thought of engaging a private investigation firm. Please note that your query and assignment will be handled confidentially and that we are well practised with these types of problems – after all, this is our field of expertise. Remember, it costs nothing to contact us to discuss your issue – all queries are obligation free.

Should you wish to engage our services, we will first issue you with a written scope of work together with an estimate as to the likely fees and search costs involved. So, please feel free to traverse our website and contact us directly via web submission, email or phone.  

Feel free to call us direct on now on 1300 608 530 to discuss your requirements or else send an email to our confidential address Contactus@summitinvestigations.com.au and we will contact you at your convenience. Summit Investigations operates Australia wide, from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane across to Perth, as well as overseas.