Personal Investigator Surveillance

A personal investigator is able to undertake surveillance, which involves observing an individual, vehicle or a location to observe what that individual does, where the vehicle travels to, and what activity takes place at its destination. The surveillance operative will capture these activities as digital images for later analysis and as evidence should it be required for any court matter. Digital images are time and date stamped for evidence purposes.

Most people require the services of a personal investigator when they find themselves involved in a personal matter such as infidelity, a relationship break-up, divorce, or a dispute over the care of children.

Infidelity, sleeping around, adultery, cheating, being unfaithful, having an affair; there are many terms for the same thing and it is often one of the most painful and devastating personal situations. However, uncertainty as to whether your spouse or partner is cheating on you or not can be equally distressing. You may never have considered hiring a personal investigator before, but by doing so, you may be able to discover what is going on, and help you to move forward with your life.

Hiring a Personal Investigator
A personal investigator may be required where there is suspicion that the other party is being unfaithful or has become involved with another party. Suspicious changes in behaviour, such as staying out late or leaving home very early, whispered conversations on the phone, sudden changes in meeting places, spending excessive time on the computer on social network sites or unexplained absences can be the first indications of this.

It is understandable that you want to know whether your suspicions are valid, and by hiring a personal investigator, you can ascertain the facts which will enable you to make decisions regarding your relationship. Act now, rather than simply hoping that things are OK.

Deployed and targeted surveillance by a personal investigator can establish where your partner goes after work, whether they really are working late and who they meet with. Prior to commencing an investigation we will undertake our own research so that we know where they work, what vehicle they use, where they are likely to park and what routes they generally travel on.

Evidence caught on camera and described by the personal investigator can firmly establish where your partner was at specific times, and with whom. This evidence can be cross referenced with information the partner has told you, highlighting lies and discrepancies.

Divorce and Infidelity Investigations
Legally, marriage constitutes a contract between two individuals. When the marriage fails, there is often dispute over this contract – namely in the distribution of the marital assets and how the children should be cared for.

Therefore, an investigation that successfully proves wrongdoing can have serious financial and personal implications with respect to a divorce settlement.

Focused surveillance undertaken by a personal investigator on a spouse can rapidly reveal whether they are engaged in infidelity or not. Identifying a pattern of behaviour is important; for example, proving that the spouse or partner is regularly having drinks or dinner with the same person and returning to their home or apartment may be considered sufficient evidence. There is no longer any requirement to show any physical act where inference can be drawn that a separate relationship is occurring.

A personal investigator can track the movement of the spouse and log details of their vehicle registration plates, which may be useful for later inquiries, and in confirming the identity of the other party. The operative can record the locations they visit [restaurants, cafes, hotels] and how their behaviour towards each other, which may demonstrate that meetings are personal, rather than business related. A log of the time they spend together and at which locations all add to the weight of evidence in an investigation.

Child custody & supervised access investigations
In child custody matters, there is often concern that a child may be exposed to risk of harm due to negligence or neglect whilst in the care of a parent, grandparent or other carer. At Summit Investigations, a personal investigator will usually conduct surveillance to record the activities of a parent, carer or relative while they are with the client’s child or children.

Each of these matters is different, so we seek to liaise closely with the instructing lawyer to confirm the focus and goals of the surveillance operation.

Unsafe activities for a child can include the following:

  • Being driven in a car when the child is not restrained in a car-seat
  • Drug or alcohol abuse by the parent or carer whilst with the child
  • Parent or carer’s socialising with unsuitable or undesirable people during visitation
  • Parent’s violation of the rules of visitation
  • Verbal or physical abuse of the child or in the presence of the child

Our charges
Like any personal investigator, we charge our clients an hourly rate for surveillance, with the addition of mileage covered and any other investigative procedures being added. Prior to commencement, we design each surveillance assignment to give you the optimum results based upon what is collectively known about your spouse or partner.

Our personal investigators
Each Summit Investigations personal investigator is government licensed and trained. They are experts in covert static and mobile surveillance and fully equipped to conduct discreet and confidential observations.

All our findings are presented in a comprehensive written report together with copies of still images and video. We treat each assignment with confidentiality and make sure that it all activity is discreet and covert.

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