About Us

The two principals of Summit Investigations are experienced in private investigations, corporate investigations and family law matters. Both of our two principals have served with law enforcement agencies in Australia at state and federal level as well as an overseas posting. They have a combined experience in government and private investigations of other four decades in locations across Australia [Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth] and in parts of Asia and Europe.

Our leading principal worked for over eight years in investigation and detective positions with the Police, rising to the rank of Detective Inspector. Subsequent to performing general Police duties, He moved on to the investigation and dismantling of drug distribution channels across the country and overseas. He helped interdict drug shipments and also came to trace the money flows of the syndicates, engaging the new forfeiture of assets as a result of drug trafficking to seize the funds from criminals. He later served in the Commercial Crime Department, heading a task force team investigating commercial frauds committed by organised crime, businessmen and government officials alike.

Following his Police service, our leading principal has worked in a variety of positions within the corporate investigation industry. He was the country manager for a leading international investigation firm, assisting corporate clients with issues ranging from internal theft, fraud, workplace harassment issues and breaches of company security. With over two decades of investigation experience, he now works assisting lawyers and their clients with private and corporate issues.

Our other principal also has over 15 years’ experience working with the New South Wales Police Service and National Crime Authority. During this time he has conducted many complex criminal investigations, one involving a $37 million dollar fraud. He has managed financial investigations into Italian, Asian and motorcycle gang organised crime groups in based in Australia.

He also conducts training sessions with regards to fraud prevention at a number of financial institutions and has also provided external training to law enforcement officers.  These training programs include lecturing at seminars, preparing sample case work and organising practical scenarios as they relate to financial analysis and investigations.

After leaving law enforcement, he has worked for the past five years mostly in insurance investigation roles. This activity has covered all aspects of financial investigation relating to alleged insurance fraud, fidelity claims, subsequent recovery of assets actions and liability claims. Such investigations require an intricate knowledge of policy liability and Insurance Contracts Act.

Our combined over four decades worth of detective service in both law enforcement and private investigations, means that we equipped to assist clients in a capable, professional and expert manner. We understand the personal and corporate strains and stresses that occur when you become involved in issues such as infidelity, victim theft or fraud and other acts of dishonesty.

Feel free to call us now on 1300 608 530 from anywhere in Australia to discuss the issues affecting you and how we may be able to help.

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