Dealing with personal issues involving family members is emotional, frustrating and energy draining. The consequences of a family member suffering from an addiction to gambling or substance abuse will impact on the entire family structure. Left untreated, the addictive lifestyle can swell to the point where they lose control over their time, assets and life.

At Summit Investigations, we offer discreet and effective services to help you determine the truth about a family member who may be encountering difficulties. If you suspect your loved one is at risk from an addiction or substance abuse, then we can assist you with resolving these issues by discovering what is really going on.

These difficulties are normally termed `personal problems’ and can include:

  • Gambling Addiction
  • Substance Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Criminal Lifestyle
  • Pornography Addiction

We understand that you want to help your family member in any way you can and you know something is wrong; you are just not certain what the root cause is. You don’t want to appear heavy handed – you are well aware that people experiencing such problems are in a state of denial and without that crucial proof as to what their problem is, you won’t be able to make a breakthrough with them.

They need help. You want to help them. But first, you need some understanding as to what is going on.

If someone you know is experiencing such problems, you can contact Summit Investigations direct and we will provide you with a confidential and obligation free consultation to discuss how we can assist you with obtaining the proof of their addictive driven activities.

At Summit Investigations, we have a great deal of investigative experience in such matters and once we have gathered the proof you need to bring the matter to a head, we will put you in contact with the relevant organisations which assist and rehabilitate the addicted person.

Contact Summit Investigations now while you have the opportunity to make a difference and help turn around their life.

Please feel free to call us direct on now on 1300 608 530 to discuss your requirements or else send an email to our confidential address and we will contact you at your convenience. Summit Investigations operates Australia wide, from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane across to Perth, as well as overseas.