Background Checks

Background checking is a service we provide when a client wishes to confirm or refute information that someone else has said, written or provided to them. The client is dubious whether to believe this information but doesn’t have the ability or capacity to check for themselves.

The information that is in dispute or under question often includes whether:

•    The other party claims to be single, separated or divorced
•    They hold out to represent a particular group or organisation
•    They claim to possess certain qualifications or be a member of a profession
•    The other party says they are an owner of property or other assets
•    They are related to a famous person.

Often these claims don’t ring true – though why the subject should want to lie, big note themselves or make extravagant claims may not be clear.

Such background checks often entail the sourcing of information from third parties or else difficult to locate documents or records. Sometimes the veracity of these claims or allegations can only be addressed by placing them under surveillance to confirm their home address, personal circumstances or place of work.

Our background checks involve a considerable amount of research, checks and confirmation before we provide our findings in a succinct report to our clients.  We conduct background checks across Australia and even overseas for our clients, tracing records back over two decades where necessary.

Background searches differ from background checks in that for searches we mostly seek to obtain documentary evidence to either confirm or refute the allegations or claims relating to the background of the subject.

The background searches can relate to company or business registrations, property ownership [past and present], bankruptcy searches, criminal records checks, confirmation of address, marriage situation and media searches. We conduct these background searches in all of the six states and two territories in Australia as well as countries from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The ability to find the correct and relevant documentary evidence during a background search does centre on the experience and capability of the private investigator. Knowing which databases to begin with and how to cross reference the searches can be crucial to finding that elusive document or record. Summit Investigations has a combined experience in background checks and searches of over two and a half decades.

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