Internet Background Investigations

One of the most common investigation services we provide are background checks on an individual who is involved in a new romantic relationship. Often the request for the background check comes from a concerned friend or relative who senses that this new romantic interest is not all they seem and that their friend is at risk of being duped.

Their concerns are compounded by the fact that this new relationship has developed over the internet and continued via email so they cannot meet this new romantic interest in the flesh to size them up. Instead, they hear from their friend or relative details of this new romantic interest which don’t quite make sense, and their concerns grow. They cannot tell their friend or relative of their worries as they have no facts to base them upon – and their friend or relative will likely be offended with their `meddling’.

The majority of those who approach us requesting a background check are eventually proven right – their suspicion and gut feeling were spot-on. They just needed the proof to back it up.

So what is the solution to this conundrum? Is this new romantic interest a genuine a person who just happens to live in another state or country? Who just prefers to communicate via email or Facebook messenger?

The reasons for this this new romantic interest to choose to communicate via email or messenger could be legitimate; they want to get to know the other party this way at first or else the time difference makes this method more convenient.

However, the reasons could be far darker; they are already married / in a relationship, they have given untruthful information as to their age / appearance / employment or else they are a fraudster and their only intention is to scam as much money from the victim as they can.

We at Summit Investigations are familiar with such situations and are able to conduct online investigations to uncover the truth [or otherwise] as to the claims and identity of this new romantic interest. We can analyse email messages, trace their identity across portals in the internet and sift through their social network personae.

Our experienced investigators and analysts approach each assignment with an open mind and a fresh outlook – successful outcomes need an inventive and creative approach. We at Summit Investigations are constantly perfecting our online investigation techniques and expanding our knowledge of new sites, profiles and tools.

We will supply you with a written report detailing our findings with supporting evidence and information for your consideration.

At Summit Investigations, we also have an international investigation capacity through our overseas partner structure. Should the new romantic interest claim to be living in Asia, Europe or North America; then we have the ability to make local inquiries to confirm their identity, location and background without them ever knowing.

The cost and duration of an Internet Background Investigation will vary depending on what information is available, the purported location of the new romantic interest amongst other issues.

Please feel free to contact us anytime so that we can understand your situation and offer our expert advice as to how we are able to assist you.

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