Internet Investigations

One of the benefits of the internet can also be considered one of its pitfalls – the ease and anonymity of using the internet means that some people will opt to use this freedom to cause mischief, spread false rumours or intimidate other users.

Such activities can be in the form of defamatory blog postings, sending fake emails, upload embarrassing or illegal images, creating spurious webpages attacking individuals or groups etc.

To identify those that are behind such activities requires digital investigation work. Each activity on the internet will leave digital residues which can be considered a digital finger print. Likewise, emails and blog postings can be trailed backwards to the ultimate ISP used leading to the account holder and thus a physical address and name.

We at Summit Investigations will start with isolating and preserving the evidence of the activity which is present on the internet. The nature of the internet means that this information can disappear rapidly and so must be acted upon at once. From here, we involve traditional investigation work mixed with digital internet forensics which can include seeking for patterns of behaviour, tracing other postings or activity which has the same screen name, identifying the host for the web site or blog, researching any contact details and physical location.

There can be multiple steps in an internet investigation but by persistence and logging all available information methodically and establishing an investigation plan, it is possible to locate the supposed anonymous blogger / emailed via the identification of timing and IP addresses. By engaging a lawyer, it is possible to request information from the ISPs that can finalise an internet investigation.

Whatever problems or harassment you may be experiencing due to activity on the internet, feel free to contact us for an obligation free discussion as to how we would be able to assist you. We are experienced with the steps and processes in identifying and preserving evidence, leading to requesting any legal action necessary to locate account holder information, and tracing back to the person(s) responsible for the activity.

Please feel free to call us direct now on 1300 608 530 to discuss your requirements or else send an email to our confidential address and we will contact you at your convenience. Summit Investigations operates Australia wide, from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane across to Perth, as well as overseas.