Litigation Support Services

At Summit Investigations, we deliver a wide range of reliable and confidential litigation support services for our corporate clients. These services include the provision of internal investigations, statement taking from various stakeholders, assembling documentary evidence plus the identification and location of witnesses.

The requirement for litigation support services often occurs when a corporation or entity finds itself the target of civil litigation or else needs to initiate civil action against others. These circumstances vary but can include:

  • Public liability claims
  • Claims of harassment or mistreatment by an employee, contractor or customer
  • Wrongful dismissal cases brought by employees
  • Action initiated by a government or regulatory body
  • Complaints made by a NGO or protest group

We provide our litigation support services to law firms working on the behalf of our clients as well as direct reporting line to corporate counsels. We are adept and experienced in litigation support services; providing accurate, objective and relevant evidence for use in supporting or refuting litigation matters. Our litigation support service presents the facts of the case as part of the informed decision making process.

Whatever the origin of the potential civil litigation or the matter involved, it is imperative to establish the facts concerning the alleged event and build an understanding from there. Our method at Summit Investigations is to follow the standards of our Police detective training and start with the origin of the event and then push out in ever widening circles.

Once we have established where and when the event(s) took place, we seek to identify all possible witnesses that may contributory information, the various documentary evidence available [payslips, timesheets, contracts etc.], electronic sources of information [CCTV, emails, user logs] and external sources of information [council records, media reports].

The process of collating and analysing the available evidence will indicate what other sources of information and evidence should be sought and assessed so as to provide a complete and objective assessment of what occurred. Relevant witnesses will be interviewed and their information cross referenced with other established sources.

Our findings are provided in a written brief of evidence with supporting documentation. Our investigators are experienced in a wide range of disciplines and can call upon experts to assist in unfamiliar areas.

Please feel free to contact us to direct for a confidential and obligation free discussion as to how we may be able to assist you with pending civil litigation matter. All of our assignments are conducted with professionalism and Summit Investigations adheres to the highest degree of professional ethics.

Please feel free to call us direct on now on 1300 608 530 to discuss your requirements or else send an email to our confidential address and we will contact you at your convenience. Summit Investigations operates Australia wide, from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane across to Perth, as well as overseas.