Missing Persons

Locating missing persons is a service we at Summit Investigations provide almost on a daily basis for clients across Australia and overseas. We have active operatives in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth working in each city to locate missing persons.  The reasons for our clients to seek to locate a missing person are wide and varied as the people who go missing. We have assisted our clients with locating missing persons who were last seen decades ago through to people ones who may have been in contact just a few weeks before.

The more common reasons for a client to be seeking the whereabouts of a missing person whereabouts include:

•    Someone who may be able to act as witness or else holds vital information vital in relation to a legal matter
•    A business debtor or other person that owes money
•    Reaching out to old friends,  military mates or colleagues
•    Contacting a relative in relation to a will or other family matter
•    To inform a relative of a inherited medical condition that may affect them

Missing persons can go missing for a variety of reasons; arguments or disputes with other family members, the avoidance of debts or financial pressures, a fear for their own or a dependent’s safety, severe stress or mental illness, abuse of drugs or alcohol, or else they just fail to keep in touch and their contact details are lost over the passage of time.

No matter what is your motivation for locating a missing person, we at Summit Investigations will be glad to assist you in every way we can. We work with private individuals, their legal counsel and government departments to locate people across Australia and around the globe. We often have inquiries from clients located overseas who are seeking to contact a relative who moved to Australia decades ago as part of family reunion to be held in the mother country.

Missing persons may have taken a series of steps to avoid being located; they may have changed their name, resorted to a maiden or different name, moved addresses often or relocated to a different city or country. Or else they have no idea they are a missing person and being sought by you – they simply lost contact and moved on with their life, wherever work or relationships took them.

No two missing person cases are identical, though many follow similar patterns. We choose to begin a Missing Person case from the same starting point – we need to satisfy ourselves that you the client have a lawful reason for wanting to locate the Missing Person. Next, we thoroughly review the information provided about the Missing Person is accurate and thorough. This can include obtaining details such as the proper spelling of their name, last known address, date of birth etc. This is to ensure that the missing person case can be targeted and thus is conducted as rapidly as possible.

Please note: Do not confuse our location of missing persons service with other companies which simply conduct a database search only.  We at Summit Investigations use a layer of techniques developed and perfected over years of undertaking missing persons cases. Our investigators are experienced in tracing people from all walks of life across Australia and overseas. Their skills have been developed and honed over years of service in law enforcement and private investigations.

Based upon the information the client has provided, the time since the Missing Person was last sighted and the likely location of the Missing Person, we will set out our Missing Person campaign in writing explaining the steps we will take with a budget and timeline. Our intention is to provide you with a current address for the Missing Person you are seeking.

Since every case is unique, we highly recommend that you contact one of our investigators so that we could indicate the type of investigation will work best for you.    All inquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost of discretion.

Do you need to know more about how we can assist you with locating a Missing Person? All inquiries we receive are handled with due care and in strict confidence.

Please feel free to call us direct on now on 1300 608 530 to discuss your requirements or else send an email to our confidential address Contactus@summitinvestigations.com.au  and we will contact you at your convenience.