Mobile Phone Forensics

Just about everyone today uses a mobile phone or smart phone. Whether it is just to make a simple phone call or else to surf the internet, send email, access Facebook, take photos, chat online etc. – a mobile phone now holds a treasure trove of information about the user. Depending on the phone settings, the information stored on a smart phone can show where the user took a photo, when they accessed email or with whom they have been having online chats with.

A forensic examination of a smart phone by the Summit Investigations digital forensic lab is able to identify, isolate and retrieve the following information:

  • Calls made, received and missed
  • SMS text, instant & social media messages (including deleted messages)
  • Details of contacts in address book
  • Deleted, encrypted & password protected files
  • Documents of all types [PDF, Word etc.]
  • Emails & calendar appointments
  • Internet search and surf histories
  • Photos and images
  • Phone locations (call locations and phone journey)

With so much information now stored on smart phones, they can be a crucial store of information and evidence when investigating the user for either internal issues [misconduct, absent from the office, inappropriate use of the phone] through to major criminal matters such as fraud or other financial crimes.

Analysis of a smart phone can also be imperative when dealing with a personal matter investigation such as infidelity, sexting, addiction or substance abuse [assuming that you have lawful control and access of the smart phone].
To access this information and present it as evidence in a format admissible in court, you need an expert who can forensically image and analyse the digital evidence on the smart phone. The expert must be able to prepare an expert report based upon his findings and analysis of that data. And, when called upon, the expert must be able to testify in a court as to their findings.
We at Summit Investigations can help you with these requirements. It may be that you just need to recover some deleted data and do not need it for a legal case. Whatever the circumstances, feel free to contact us at Summit Investigations for an obligation free discussion as to how we may be able to assist you.

We are familiar with most brands of smart phones and we have examined and accessed mobile devices including:

  • iPhones
  • Blackberries
  • Androids [Samsung, HTC and others]
  • Windows phones
  • Nokia & Sony mobile phones

Please feel free to call us direct on now on 1300 608 530 to discuss your requirements or else send an email to our confidential address and we will contact you at your convenience. Summit Investigations operates Australia wide, from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane across to Perth, as well as overseas.