Partner and Infidelity Investigations

Being the victim of infidelity can be both painful and debilitating, and the personal and financial implications can be truly devastating, affecting both yourself, your confidence and in many cases, your children. Unfortunately, in Australia the need for infidelity investigations has increased, with the marriage break up and relationship failure rate now approaching fifty per cent. Recent surveys have estimated that around twenty per cent of marriages experience an incident of infidelity, whilst unmarried relationships suffer at twice that rate. Moreover, with advances in sexual equality, it is now more common than ever for Australian females to become the subject of an infidelity investigation.

If you suspect that your spouse or partner may be engaging in infidelity, you are likely to have some difficult decisions ahead of you as you decide how to deal with the problem. However, before you begin making those decisions, you need more details. An infidelity investigation can help you to assemble information on their activity and behaviour that will help you decide how to proceed.

Depending on your circumstances, you may decide that you only need enough information to confirm your suspicions of infidelity before you initiate a break up. However, you may need far more detailed proof and evidence to enable you to initiate proceedings and take steps to secure your children and marital assets. If so, we can work closely with your lawyer to map out a suitable infidelity investigation plan.

Those looking to undertake infidelity investigations should take care when working with investigators, as many will offer to place a tracking device on a vehicle or install bugging devices. In Australia, most of this activity is not permitted and evidence gleaned from such an approach is not admissible in court as part of an infidelity investigation. A tracking device is not deemed reliable, as it indicates only where a vehicle was, which is not necessarily the same as indicating where your partner went. Tracking devices also do not work so well in built up areas and often cease to function in covered car parks. Moreover, a cheating partner will often take precautions such as taking a taxi or being picked up by the other party. The use of tracking or bugging devices is likely to just increase your costs and could even lead you into conflict with the authorities. As such, Summit Investigations strongly recommends that the optimum method for obtaining evidence of a cheating partner is via an infidelity investigation plan deploying surveillance agents.

The now redundant Divorce Act and the Matrimonial Causes Act used to require actual proof that the other side was engaged in an affair or causing domestic violence. This is no longer the case, however the courts still welcome information and evidence that does show the relationship has broken down irrevocably which means an infidelity investigation can be extremely worthwhile.

Custody of children is still a major issue of contention for many who are involved in infidelity investigations. Any evidence that can be obtained to persuade the court that you are better able to care for the children than your partner is a major plus. The health and safety of the children whilst under the care of the partner can be a major concern and depending on the situation, it may be necessary to seek evidence to show that your children are not being well cared for by your former partner or their family, particularly in the instance that your partner may be breaching or flouting the instructions of a court order regarding the treatment of the children.

Asset disposals and child maintenance are also crucial areas where an infidelity investigation can help to bring about the best outcome for you and your children. It may be that a former partner has secreted their assets or is understating their income. Breaches of court orders with regards to assets and child maintenance are common with cheating partners and often come to light as part of infidelity investigations.

We guarantee that all our infidelity investigations are completely confidential, including our initial obligation free consultation. We will only move forward with your case once you are completely comfortable and have had the opportunity to discuss the infidelity investigation with your lawyer, should you choose to do so. At Summit Investigations, we provide cost effective plans that provide you with confidence that we can assist you at a fair price.

The cost of an infidelity investigation is often far less than our clients anticipate. We will work with you to develop an investigation plan that is cost competitive and productive for your needs. As you well understand, the cost of doing nothing is the one to avoid.

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