Employment Background Check Services

Pre-Employment Screening [also known by the acronym `PES’] is commonly used by employers and government organisations wishing to conduct an employment background check on a prospective employee or contractor that may be given a position within the business or organisation.

Pre-Employment Screening is a crucial employment background check, used when assessing candidates and new recruits. With over a decade of experience providing Pre-Employment Screening services to clients across Australia and particularly in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, Summit Investigations has a reputation for assisting organisations with background verification, confirming that their candidates are who they say they are and that they have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications required to perform the job for which they are being recruited.

The prospective employee or candidate may be required to complete an information form or else supply a resume which can be checked and verified to be true. The candidate is often required to sign a declaration permitting the employer or organisation [or their agents] to conduct these background verification checks.

Pre-Employment Screening is the process of researching the individual, and then verifying, compiling and reporting the findings. The purpose of the employment background check is to confirm or refute the claims made by the candidate as to their prior employment, education and other attainments. A Pre-Employment Screening is objective and will highlight any discrepancies found.

Data sources for this type of background verification include government records, commercial databases and open source filings. These checks are often combined with telephone interviews with prior employers, clients or personal references.

The research points for an employment background check can include [but are not limited to]:

• Verification of current employment particulars
• Verification of past employment positions and tenure
• Verification of education credentials
• Confirmation of professional affiliations and memberships
• Any external business registrations
• Any past civil litigation records
• Personal or professional reputation inquiries
• Verification of current address, and telephone numbers
• Bankruptcy Check
• Any banned and disqualified directorships
• Media profile

Recent studies by recruitment experts have found that at least 30% of all resumes contain inaccurate or inflated claims by the candidate in relation to employment tenures and positions held. A further 10% of resumes were found to contain misleading or untruthful information which sought to cover up past misdemeanors, disciplinary action or bouts of unemployment.

A professional employment background check can identify errors or false claims, saving subsequent heartache. If a candidate is willing to lie and present falsehoods at the time of hiring, will they be trustworthy once in the workplace? Without a screening process, it is too easy for a bad candidate to enter your organisation, increasing the risk of monetary losses and damage to your reputation.

Prevention is better than cure – deter such people from making applications or else put measures in place to identify those that are unsuitable. A dollar spent on prevention can save hundreds in later losses, compensation and legal fees.

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