Tracing Emails

Every email sent via the internet will have an IP Address starting point. An examination of the email will reveal details of the starting email address and thus assist to identify from where the email originated.

What is an IP address? The Internet applies a numerical address as a label for each server, computer or device linked to the internet. These addresses are known as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and act as signposts across the Internet so that servers and websites can be found. Each time a user access the Internet or sends an email, a trace of the IP address for the websites visited or emails sent can be left behind. The ability to locate and analyse this information can show the footprints of a user the Internet, showing who has entered a domain, sent an email or logged onto a site.

Our investigators have had a great deal of success in the area of IP address and email tracing. By way of specialised techniques, we have undertaken various investigations to identify the origin or author in relation to anonymous blogging, defamatory Internet domains, harassment emails and cyber stalking.

At Summit Investigations we offer Email tracing services to determine the identity, location or activity of the person(s) responsible for sending threatening, harassing or embarrassing messages. We seek to help when incidents occur relating to online Sexual Harassment, Cyber Stalking, Lewd postings, and Internet Cyber Crime.

Many people engaging in sending such emails opt to use webmail accounts with Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail; thinking that their true identity and location are hidden. They are shocked and very surprised when we manage to trace them to their service provider and location. Assuming the email is of a threatening or illegal nature, it is possible to initiate an enquiry with their ISP eventually leading directly to the person involved.

It should be noted that email addresses data can be forged by an educated user, so the results from tracing an email address may not be related to the true sender. Some spammers try to insert fake Received header lines into the Internet Headers of the email message to muddy the waters. However, it is possible to follow the trail through the Received: header fields from one mail server to the next mail server; using some intuition there is a good chance of success finding the original IP.

Another option for someone experienced in IT to mask their true identity is to use a proxy computer or else a machine that is not theirs but has been compromised. In such a situation, one of our options is to send a tagged email which can return important information when the email is opened.

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