Employee Surveillance

Employee surveillance is commonly defined as the process of directly observing an individual, vehicle or location to determine their behaviour, where they go and what occurs at that location. These actions can be captured on camera by surveillance operatives for later analysis, and used as evidence should it be required for corporate investigations, court hearings, tribunals or internal company reviews. All digital images are time and date stamped for evidence purposes.

One of the largest threats a workplace faces, is risk to its profitability and efficiency. These risks may be related to theft of products or materials, unauthorised persons accessing sites, or personnel who engage in unauthorised activity, which can occur any time of day but is most common after hours.

Though corporate investigations in the workplace have been made significantly easier with advancements in CCTV cameras and other electronic safeguards, these cannot cover every eventuality and are often bypassed by resourceful personnel.

However, timely and structured facility and employee surveillance can result in the successful detection of dishonest or negligent behaviour. Workplace issues which may affect security, safety and profitability may include the following:

Systematic Thefts 
This could relate to the theft of finished products, raw materials or tools by either personnel at the workplace, visitors invited in or trespassers. Onsite personnel will know where the most valuable product and goods are stored and how to avoid detection when removing them from the site. Techniques often include secreting them in the refuse bins, in their own vehicles or placing them near the fence for later collection.

Systematic theft of goods and raw materials can seriously harm the profitability and efficiency of a business. Such thefts often occur outside normal office hours or at weekends when managers are not present and employee surveillance is at a minimum.

Deployed and targeted employee surveillance on a workplace location can identify whether such systematic thefts are occurring, who is responsible and what methods that they are using. Crucial evidence caught on camera and described by the surveillance operative can assist in corporate investigations, often aiding the rapid dismissal of those responsible, the recovery of the missing goods and materials and any subsequent civil or criminal actions.

Unauthorised access
Many workplaces suffer issues with unauthorised personnel entering the facility outside of office hours. They may be friends or relatives of employees who want to make use of the facilities for their own personal activities.

Their unauthorised presence carries workplace safety implications as they are unlikely to be trained or educated as to the risks present onsite. Any injuries or accidents occurring whilst onsite may void insurance coverage or else negate covenants with customers.

Focused employee surveillance at a workplace premises can track the movements of visitors  coming in and out of the site and seek to identify these people by way of logging the vehicle registration plates or else close-up images of their features.

Armed with such evidence, management is a in a strong position to launch corporate investigations and clamp down on such unregulated access and discipline the personnel responsible for allowing these people into the facility.

Overtime claims
Though many businesses have some form of electronic system monitoring the time worked by their personnel, these can be overridden or bypassed, allowing personnel to claim wages for work they have not undertaken. Such activities can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars over a year and lead to further dishonesty from personnel.

The deployment of employee surveillance operatives to monitor the movements of personnel can help identify those who are leaving early, coming in late or taking excessive breaks. This empowers the employer to take remedial action to close the loop holes, implement better safeguards and take disciplinary or termination action against the worst offenders.

The Summit Advantage
Our employee surveillance operatives are professionally trained and undergo regular continuation training. All of our surveillance operatives are government licensed to conduct discreet and confidential observations of physical activities. We understand the sensitive nature of surveillance operations and corporate investigations and so they are always conducted covertly and deftly.

Prior to undertaking an employee surveillance operation, we liaise with our clients to ensure that we fully understand the purpose and goals of the surveillance, the location, the likely subjects involved and any other relevant factors.

We will also make a reconnaissance visit to the location prior to starting our surveillance to familiarise ourselves with the terrain and identify possible observation points.

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